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Jan Alexander

I’m sorry to have to close. This Corona Virus situation is sad and troubling at the same time.


Gift Certificates

Impress and please your family, friends, employees or co-workers with a gift they will enjoy and appreciate. Jan’s Massages are very special and unique in Fort Collins. They will always remember this gift!

Energy Work

Jan uses energy work to stimulate the flow of vital energy throughout the body. Jan awakes the body’s energy centers to move healing, vital energy throughout the body.

Soothing Music

Calming Music, a light music collection providing relaxing experiences through the balance and harmony in the Chinese Tai Chi way of meditation.

Referral Service

Find a qualified massage therapist, bodyworker or other practitioner with the referral service provided by Jan.

Jan Alexander | Fort Collins Registered Massage Therapist RMT

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Registered Massage Therapist RMT


135 W Swallow Rd
Building B
Fort Collins, CO 80526

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Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5:45pm
3rd Saturday of the month


970 691-3942

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You gave me a massage in May & I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did! I slipped on the ice in Jan. and hit my mid/low back on the door frame of the car. You pin-pointed the area exactly & could feel scar tissue & recommended I get it checked out. You made me realize the injury was probably more significant than…


Manager, Fox Company

TLC Medical Massage

135 W. Swallow Rd. Bldg B
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Telephone: 970 691-3942