Beat the heat and feel great this summer with a pampering citrus foot massage and rejuvenating mini facial. In conjunction with my good friend and better esthetician Barb Nesbitt; we are providing a brightening mini facial and vitamin C citrus foot massage.

Summertime Price: $60.00

We can’t wait to help you hydrate this summer with a citrus foot treatment and a brightening vitamin C facial. We look forward to ‘rejuvenating’ you soon.

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Read More About Mini Facials

There are various types of facials that serve the goal of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing the head, neck and face. Facials are good for the majority of types of skin and usually leave the recipient feeling pampered, relaxed and refreshed. This type of skin treatment can last between a quarter-hour and 2 hours, with all the mini facials typically lasting about thirty minutes. Many people incorporate mini facials to their regular skincare regimens given that they usually serve all of the basic purposes of some sort of facial within a convenient period.

The cleansing and exfoliating portion of the mini facial usually consists of the facial technician, or maybe esthetician, placing a warm wet towel about the recipient’s face and leaving it for a few minutes. The towel is taken off the face, and exfoliating cleanser is needed to clean off just about any residual makeup, oil and dirt. The wet hand towel, which has been reheated and sometimes scented with necessary oils, is then placed back about the face and left until it becomes cool. This method helps to open your pores.

In a tiny facial, a mask typically is applied next. Occasionally cold cucumber slices or maybe cold, wet cotton balls are placed on the closed eyelids to relieve eye puffiness. The mask is usually clay-based, fruit-based or vegetable-based, and it in addition might act to exfoliate your skin. It is left on the skin for a few minutes or until the clay-based dirt mask dries. Masks are removed with warm water.

Learn More about Foot Massage

Feet would be the least pampered portion of our bodies. An everyday foot massage boosts lubrication and flow, and helps draw toxins for the surface for launch. Not just this, a daily therapeutic massage that includes massaging of the feet can also make sure that our feet strong and still provide more flexibility.

Listed here are five reasons why you need to indulge in a superb foot massage:

  1. A foot massage absolutely assists in the relieving of pain.
  2. A foot massage assists and improves blood flow, thereby transferring more oxygen for the blood cells – therefore helps in cleansing in the body.
  3. A foot massage  is rejuvenating as it releases any blockages that can hold back the bodies natural flow of energy.
  4. A good foot massage is thought to be associated with the improvement of general symptoms inside patients with numerous sclerosis.
  5. In addition to last, but not necessarily the least, foot massage facilitates relieve stress and fatigue the way it loosens stressed out and about muscles thereby demonstrating instant relief.