Where is my Fort Collins Massage listing on Google?

My husband, whom incidentally is may web guru, tells me all the proper elements are in place to where a search for a Fort Collins massage and or massage therapist. He did point out that my domain names, www.tlcmedicalmassage.com and tlcmm.com are very new and Google will not give me proper respect until I serve some kind of probationary period. I don’t get it. I’ve been doing Fort Collins massage since first moving here in 2004; for ten years this June! My clients have been enjoying my Fort Collins massage for relaxation, stress relief, chronic pain, headaches and much more. I’ve worked in Fort Collins in several locations now – including:

  1. Massage Studio in Fort Collin’s Old town in the group of spaces on Oak street.
  2. Massage Studio on Swallow just off College.
  3. Poudre Valley Health Systems Fort Collins location – Twenty Three Trees Medical Spa and Fitness.
  4. Spa 360 – The current location for TLC Medical Massage.

If that doesn’t scream


I don’t know what will?

 Conspiracy Theory

Crazy Jan Baby - Fort Collins Massage Therapist

Crazy Fort Collins Massage Therapist

I pay Google to have my advertisement appear when a massage inclined prospect types Fort Collins Massage into the search box. Now I’m thinking since they are getting my money they feel they will keep getting my money just by keeping my website from coming up normally. Am I crazy? You tell me. Go to http://google.com , type “fort collins massage” into the search box, or just click the Google website link, and see if you can find my website: tlcmm.com or tlcmedicalmassage.com. Interestingly, my Google+ page DOES come up, check it out here: https://plus.google.com/+TlcmmJan/posts. Maybe if I had more Google Plus followers, or Google Plus users in my circles; who know? I certainly am in the dark about all of this.[clearall]

The Bottom Line

For the residents and visitors to Fort Collins Colorado, if you have the time and need for my massage services I can promise you I will do a better job with your treatment and experience that Google is doing with my fort collins massage listing treatment and service 🙂 <said toungue in cheek>