Massage Therapy

The Antidote for Stress Anxiety Depression

Anxiety or depression is a serious problem in our society, including Fort Collins.  Massage treatment could be beneficial when it comes to being of optimal health and living a stress free life.

Approximated eighteen percent of adult Americans deal with some kind of stress and anxiety condition. Approximately ten percent struggle with some kind of clinical depression. These problems often exist together. Depression and anxiety are known to hinder social function as well as add to the danger of joblessness or unemployment, health problems, and even death. They could play an irritating role in other health problems and also make an individual vulnerable to diseases. Anxiety and depression could be effectively treated with medications, psychotherapy, or a mix of both.

Psychotherapy is not available in all areas and communities and could prove to be much too costly. Social preconception or stigma might hinder some people from seeking treatment. Some people simply do not react well to conventional treatments. Clearly, a conveniently obtainable therapy without troublesome adverse effects can be helpful.

But what if these choices are not enough, preferable, or available? Sufferers should consider medical massage or therapeutic massage.  Research has factually revealed that massage therapy could have an advantageous result on both anxiety and depression.

Early research at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami Medical School showed that thirty minutes of day-to-day massage treatment to hospitalized depressed adults over a five day duration brought an improvement in state of mind and behavioral actions. Ever since, additional research has actually recorded that massage therapy, whether it is medical massage or therapeutic massage could have a helpful result on depression and anxiety. As a matter of fact, it is among one of the most constantly recorded outcomes of massage therapy.

Anxiety can be broadly divided into two basic classes: trait anxiety and state anxiety. Trait anxiety is an ongoing, chronic state of anxiety. State anxiety is a temporary reaction to a stressful situation. There are several specific anxiety disorders such as: post traumatic stress disorder, panic attack disorder, social anxiety disorder. Massage therapy has been shown to have at least a mild benefit for both state and trait anxiety, and even a single session of massage may help to alleviate the symptoms of state anxiety. However, a series of massage sessions has been found to offer the most benefits and seems to be particularly helpful for trait anxiety disorders.

People suffering from anxiety or depression must properly inform their massage therapy specialist so they could properly deal with it suitably. Expert massage therapy specialists take special precautions with regard customer privacy, even protecting records according to HIPPA regulations. Customers do not have to be ashamed as well nor do they have to expose information which they would prefer to keep personal.

Massage therapy specialists ought to acquaint themselves with the usual psychological health issues, evaluate stress and anxiety and also clinical depression, and also educate customers that choose to share stress and anxiety or clinical depression symptoms, symptoms that massage treatment might aid.

Living with anxiety and depression is an agonizing and also upsetting experience. Proper therapy is really necessary. Massage treatment is likely to provide an advantage. Please, if you or somebody you know is living with anxiety and – depression advise them to obtain the treatment they require to make sure that they can live an satisfying, effective and stress free life.

Jan Alexander is a massage therapy specialist in Fort Collins Colorado. As a registered Fort Collins massage therapist, in practice since 1984, through extensive education, certifications and twenty years of experience is able to provide stress relieving medically beneficial massage. Clients of TLC Medical Massage experience Swedish massage, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue massage and much more. Jan is committed to excellence in the field of massage therapy. For additional information, see her site:

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