Spring Massage Specials - Fort Collins
Spring is indeed a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. It has always been a special season for me, and this Spring I feel the promise and optimism of new beginnings, hope and excitement. I have always loved Spring— especially its first hopeful signs – the flowers that are first to appear on the shade tree in the front of our home.

As the cold winter months melt away, it is the perfect time to slow down replenish ones mind, body and soul. Find your favorite place to sit and reflect on the memories winter has blessed you with and then again to the hope that spring embodies. I find the warmth of a cup of chamomile or turmeric tea helps to achieve the proper zen.

I’m looking forward to all of the small, sensory joys of Spring on the steppe – open windows, wildflower hikes, orange and yellow sunrises and the rich savory floral smells that so easily permeate the warm sun-kissed air.

Spring Hero

Try my Rejuvenate Citrus Massage and put some Spring in your Spring!

A specially blended mix of Shea butter organic massage oils infused with citrus essential oils that will hydrate you on the outside while relaxing you physically, mentally and emotionally on the inside. This treatment is so special and beneficial to your health that it will likely melt years of wear and tear away.

For years I’ve immersed myself in the knowledge of essential oils; their health and healing powers. At TLC Medical Massage, you can expect only the best – highest quality Doterra brand essentials. Their purification techniques when it come to acquiring oils from the plants is non-paralleled in the industry. The blends I offer are the same ones I use in my studio; are well researched guaranteed to be a synergistic marriage of ingredients that achieve their special purpose.

Leap into spring by giving your mind and body the physical benefits of rejuvenating, healing massage combined with the mentally and emotionally healing citrus infused body blend.